Bone and Balance Academy

Portland, Oregon
strength. balance. confidence
 Monica Eischen has been teaching adult fitness for more than 10 years, originally in aquatic fitness but transitioning 5 years ago to Better Bones & Balance® .  She is a certified instructor for the Better Bones & Balance program and is required to renew her certification every three years.

She is devoted to her students' success and truly cares for each person.  She recognizes the needs of each individual while instructing the group as a whole.  More than anything, Monica loves to hear the many success stories from her students!!  

Monica opened her new Bone and Balance Academy in September 2018 as a way to reach and help more people.  The Academy is able to offer multiple classes in two locations in order to keep travel time and costs down for her students while allowing for expansion.
"Here at Bone and Balance Academy I believe everybody has the ability to reverse bone loss and increase strength, balance and mobility in order to preserve lasting independence through continued exercise and proper nutrition.  It is my mission to assist you in becoming the very best version of yourself!!"   -Monica 
Monica exercising with the class.​​
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